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>> Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Description Of The Pregnant Mother Attitude Threemester III About
The Sex During The Pregnant In BPS Ny. ............ ............. .......
The Years 2008

The sex is not only the conection which involves the sexorgan and the easy stimulable area, but also psicology and emotion. Most of women worry that the sex during pregnant can hurt theirbaby and the orgasm can cause the pregnant death.the pregnant isn’t the reason not to do the sex, because the sex is one of the psicologicalneed.In this case, the pregnantmother also has the important role to keep the harmony of family. On of them is by fullfilling psychologicalneed. So that the scientists want to know the description of the pregnantmother’sattitude in threemester III about the sex during the pregnanttime by taking the value in three aspects. They are kognitif, afectif (feeling) and konatif.
The observation which is used in it is the descriptif eksploratif by using the variable of the boring sample in this observation is that the pregnantmother in trimester III about the sex during the pregnant time, then thisdatd will be analized by using the kualitatif descriptif to be kuantitatif. It is giving scoring to answer by Likert scale.
The observation is done in BPS of Ny. ............ ............. ....... at July 13th-20 th, 2008th by using the angketmeasuretool, the population in this observation in 20 responden. The total of sample in 20 respondens . From the result of gets 11 respondens (55%) who have the description of negativeattitute about the sex during the pregnanttime.and 9 respondents who have the descriptions of positifattitute about the sex during the pregnant. According to thatobservation, it canbe concluded that most of pregnantmother threesemester III have the is keeping away, avoiding, not to do the sex after the pregnantage of seven years old more at all. So that the scientists hope in order that the pregnantmothers keeps doing the sex during the pregnanttime to keep the harmony of family and to fill the psicologicalneed.
The keywords : The attitude, The motherpregnant, The sex during the pregnanttime.

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